Our carvings are exclusively handmade.

   We live in an era of high technological development. The machine making of the church clergy items for liturgical purposes has become dominant. The prayerful and creative character of church art is lost. In a race against time, copies multiply, losing the aesthetic dimension and the artistic one even more.  This is especially emphasized in wood carving.

   Our aim with this kind of church vocation is to continue to bear witness to the incarnate Logos of God, the Gospel sermons, and the hagiographic contents that the Orthodox Christianity preaches.

   Distinguished devotional church-donors and commissioners let each of us upgrade our church with our talent and as the Gospel reading says, to enter into the joy of God. Let us build in the glory of our crucified and risen Jesus Christ.

   We look forward to your ideas, requests, questions, comments at our contact address:


   The pieces of art that need to be accomplished (iconostases, icon-stands, choir-stall…) are approached individually depending on the size of the object, the content and the weight of the work, the style… 

   With decades of experience, research, work and active participation in liturgical life, our work has singled out two carving styles: